Low Carb Food Should Be Accessible.

Gee Willakers began as one couple’s health-improvement journey. It’s become much more than that…

Our Mission

What’s Gee Willakers About?

Recipes, nutritional information, and advice: Look to our blog and social media for how we stay in-budget, low carb, and satisfying.

Tackling health and food-related social issues within our community and the world-at-large.

Learning as we go. We try and fail, we experiment and triumph, we agonize and educate… and we document it all for your benefit.

Why Gee Willakers?

There’s something for everyone at Gee Willakers! Low Carb Kitchen. We experiment with many food philosophies and try a variety of cuisines. Things you’ll always find here no matter what:

  • Low Carb eating that feels good to eat
  • Tips on staying in budget
  • Insight into supporting local
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Honesty

Donate to our mission!
Donations are split between us and our local food-accessibility initiatives or a featured organization.

Join us on our ever-evolving journey. We like company for our shenanigans.

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